Unleash The Power Of Print

In the digital age, direct mail remains a very powerful tool. The key to understanding its power lies in accurately measuring its effectiveness.  We’ll see how this is just as important as reaching the customer.

Without proper tracking, search marketing gets too much credit for an action that was driven initially by a direct mail piece. What happens when a consumer gets a direct mail piece?  When it compels them to walk into a store or visit a website, direct mail often misses receiving the credit for the engagement. Marketers were missing out on seeing the true power of print campaigns.

To conduct a successful marketing campaign, you need to reach likely consumers. To know your customer is to know where and how they buy. How can you get this done? By measuring their tendencies and needs.  Now, direct mail gets the credit it deserves. With proper measurement of lead sources and consumer purchases, marketing dollars are never wasted.

Money Mailer is able to track and measure consumer response in several different ways:

Call Tracking & Analytics

Call Tracking assigns a unique phone number to each mailing piece.  With Call Tracking, campaigns that produce the most promising results can be identified. As a bonus, clients can listen to actual sales calls as a tool for improving customer service. Both 800 and local numbers are available to choose from.

In-Person redemption (using codes)

Add unique codes to your Money Mailer coupons to determine the lead source. Codes are highly customizable for your specific needs. For example, use ‘MM’ for Money Mailer. Maybe add a three letter month code or region code to help determine sources of successful campaigns.

URL Tracking

Measure hits to your website by adding unique URLs to your print advertising. Now you have a valuable opportunity for creating web pages dedicated to specific promotions. With this setup, the power of print and digital combine to maximize results and ROI — while giving proper credit to direct mail.  Additionally, employ web analytics to measure frequency, outcome, and the source of hits to the dedicated page.

As online retail continues to grow, direct mail marketing campaigns can be designed to act as a catalyst that boosts the production of every media channel involved. Until now, direct mail response rate measurement has always suffered from multiple blind spots which caused the perceived value of the medium to be reduced. With proper attribution, direct mail proves to be one of the most cost-effective and productive marketing tools available today and for the future as well.