Money Mailer + One™ Postcard

More benefits than a traditional direct mail postcard, for less.


Shared mail = shared cost. The + One Postcard is mailed with our shared mail envelope but on the outside. You get all the benefits of a stand-alone direct mail postcard at a fraction of the cost.


Reaches a select audience of mid to high income consumers — for more redemptions and greater transaction amounts.

Exclusive Exposure

Because only a single + One Postcard hits the mailboxes, your offers stand out. And when paired with an insert ad in the Money Mailer envelope, you double your exposure.

Boosts Your Brand

The 2-sided, full-bleed postcard provides ample space for impactful offers and messaging.

PLUS! Your Ad in the Money Mailer Envelope at no extra cost. 

When you send a Money Mailer + One Postcard, you’ll also mail a  2-sided ad in the shared mail envelope. The ultimate print & digitalmarketing powerhouse!

Start your campaign today!

*Money Mailer® is a non-exclusive partner of the U.S. Postal Service.