Mailing Areas & Schedule

The response rate for Direct Mail is up to 9x higher than any other advertising channel. Let us help you capture this lucrative market!

At Money Mailer, we’re committed to building you a successful campaign that brings in valuable new customers every month. How do we do it? With each monthly mailing, we target thousands of households surrounding your business.  That means plenty of higher income consumers that are ready to spend on goods and services!

Each mailing zone targets 10,000 homes, custom selected as the best consumers in that region. Our proprietary SmartZones™ mapping technology uses demographic and psychographic consumer research data to define the optimal areas for your mailing. Contact us today for your complimentary SmartZone report.

With Money Mailer, you reach your ideal audience with every mailing.

We look forward to helping your business grow!

Our Coverage Areas and Mailing Schedules

Chicagoland Mailing Area

Money Mailer Map of Chicagoland 2023
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National Coverage Mailing Areas

Map of US showing money mailer coverage
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