Attribution Analysis

Drive Better Marketing Results With Attribution

Attribution analysis is the science of determining what advertising medium is driving purchases. Before someone purchases a product or service, they are exposed to numerous marketing “touchpoints.” Looking at the consumer’s “last touch” doesn’t always tell you what drove the purchase.  Last-touch attribution measures a closing event – it does not indicate what influenced the purchase.

In the past, a consumer’s path to purchase was more of a straight line. A consumer would get an ad in the mail, then call or drive directly to your business to make a purchase – they didn’t do much else.

Today, the consumer’s path to purchase isn’t as clear. There are multiple cross-channel touchpoints working together to finally get a customer to make a purchase.

When a consumer does buy, which marketing tactic drove the purchase? How do you know which piece of the puzzle is working and which isn’t? Money Mailer helps you understand and evaluate your campaign’s performance with call tracking, URL tracking, online conversions, mobile redemptions, and more.

We Measure Your Campaign and Analyze the Results!

What is a Match-Back Analysis?

A match-back is a marketing industry standard that compares a test vs. a control audience. We look at where your customers are coming from and execute an in-depth analysis. You’ll be able to see how Money Mailer has impacted things like sales, average check, ROI and more.

How does it work?

1. You provide a list of customer transactions during the period you advertised with Money Mailer (typically one year’s worth) that includes the following information:

– Address

– Date of sale or service

– The $ amount of sale

2. Money Mailer performs the match-back and provides an agency-quality analysis

3. You’re now able to determine the success of your advertising spend

Case Study

Match-back analysis shows Money Mailer drove 25.8% more new customers.
Situation: A nationwide installer of kitchen shelving measured 18 months of advertising effectiveness with Money Mailer. Customer response attribution was challenging as online response driven by offline marketing mediums was not effectively measured.

Analysis: A match-back analysis examined the change in customer acquisition in Money Mailer mailed versus non-mailed zones.

Results: Among other key findings, the percentage of acquired new customers in Money Mailer mailed zones was 25.8% higher than the non-mailed zones.