Attribution Analysis

Money Mailer works! We’ll show you how with attribution analysis.

Attribution analysis reveals which of your advertising efforts is the driving force behind your customers’ purchases. Before buying a product or service, a person is exposed to multiple marketing “touchpoints.” Examining the consumer’s “last touch” doesn’t always give the full picture. Last-touch attribution identifies a closing event – it does not measure what originally influenced the purchase.

Before the digital world exploded, a buyer’s route to a final purchase was pretty straightforward. After an ad arrived in the mail, the person would call or drive to your business to make a purchase – without much influence in between.

Today, the consumer’s path to purchase gets a little murky. Numerous cross-channel touchpoints work together to drive the customer to a final purchase.

When a consumer buys a product or service, which marketing channel drove the purchase? How will you know which piece of the puzzle was effective and which fell flat? Money Mailer offers a number of ways to evaluate your campaign’s performance — mobile redemptions, online conversions, call tracking, URL tracking, e-blast redemptions, and more.

We Dig Deep to Reveal the True Marketing Picture!

What is a Match-Back Analysis?

A match-back is a marketing process that compares a test audience to a control audience. We study your customers to determine where they are coming from. Our in-depth analysis will show how Money Mailer has impacted key metrics like your sales, average check, ROI, and more.

How does it work?

1. You give us a list of customer transactions during the time you advertised with Money Mailer (typically one year’s worth). We’ll need:

– Customer address

– Date of purchase

– The purchase amount

2. We perform the match-back analysis and provide you with a comprehensive report.

3. Now you can verify the success of your advertising spend!

Case Study

Match-back analysis shows Money Mailer drove 25.8% more new customers.
Situation: A national shelving contractor wanted to know if their Money Mailer campaign was bringing in new customers.

Analysis: A match-back analysis compared the difference in customer growth between Money Mailer mailed zones and non-mailed zones.

Results: The percentage of newly acquired customers in Money Mailer mailed zones was 25.8% greater than in the non-mailed zones.