FAQs for Consumers

Are the coupons on moneymailer.com the same as those in the envelope I receive at home?

In addition to seeing all the coupons you receive at home, you can access ALL of the coupons we offer across the country. To view these additional coupons, expand your search radius or perform a search in any location you’d like.  You can enter a city, state or even a zip code in the “near” section of the search bar. The coupons online are available for you to use whenever you are looking to save money. You can save as many as you’d like to your “Saved Items,” or you can use them right away.  On MoneyMailer.com, we make it easy for you to print and use coupons for yourself or share them with friends and family.

How do I find savings in my area?

Money Mailer has three easy ways to quickly access local coupons:

1.  Download our mobile app! The Money Mailer Mobile App brings you all our offers wherever you are.  Simply search for “Money Mailer” on Apple’s App Store or Google Play and enjoy instant access to all the offers in our envelope from the convenience of your smart phone.

2.  Like us on Facebook! Visit us on facebook to view, share and print local coupons and join the savings conversation. Tell us who you want to see in your envelope, share savings tips or just say hi. We want to hear from you!

3.  Access printable coupons on MoneyMailer.com whenever you need them. You can perform a search for a specific type of business, product or service using our powerful search bar!  Enter any keyword you want, confirm your location, then click the red search button. Based on your location, coupons will appear on a results page. From here you can scroll through all available coupons in your area or you even browse category.

By default, you will see offers within 25 miles of your location. When you select a coupon, you’ll see a detailed view of the ad along with business contact information and options to print, email, share or save the coupon so that you can find it quickly the next time you visit.

What do you do with my email address?

We will send you emails with special offers, savings tips, mailing reminders and more! We value your privacy and will not distribute your email address to third parties. For information about how we handle email addresses, please review our Privacy Policy.

If you would like to see more local coupons from your immediate area, talk to the owner of your favorite business.

Business owners take their customers suggestions seriously.  If they are interested, they can call Money Mailer at 1-800-Mailer-1 (800-624-5371) to ask about our advertising services.

Why aren’t there more local coupons for my area?

Money Mailer distributes billions of coupons across the U.S. – That’s a lot of coupons! But there are some cities we just haven’t gotten to yet. In these cases, we try to provide as much national content as possible. If there aren’t local coupons for your area, it’s probably because we don’t have a local Money Mailer franchisee in your market. Money Mailer is a great business opportunity if you are interested in building equity in yourself. To learn more about the Money Mailer business opportunity, call 888-446-4648 or click here.

What should I do if I am having difficulties with a specific local online coupon?

If you have any difficulties with a specific online coupon, send us an e-mail at Maddy@moneymailer.com. Please be sure to include the business name and the ZIP code you entered to access it. Please don’t forget to provide us with specific details on the nature of the problem. We appreciate your feedback and input on both specific coupons and on the site as a whole. We want to help you save!

Where did my favorite local online coupon go?

If a coupon you have used before is no longer listed on Moneymailer.com, it probably means one of three things:

•  The ad has been renewed but is not yet online
•  The advertiser is still advertising with Money Mailer, but has opted not to have their ad placed on MoneyMailer.com
•  The coupon has expired

Send an email to maddy@moneymailer.com if there is a specific business you need help finding.

Where can I find the Money Mailer Mobile App?

iPhone and iPad users can visit the Apple App Store.
Android users can visit Google Play.

How do I redeem a coupon on the Mobile App?

Each store will have its own redemption process, but in general you’ll just need to press the Redeem button on the app and show the code to the cashier. While most businesses listed in the app will allow you to redeem from your phone, some business may change their redemption policies.  If you have a problem redeeming, email us at maddy@moneymailer.com.

How often are new coupons added to the Mobile App?

New coupons are added approximately every 6 weeks, depending on your location.

When do the mobile coupons expire?

When you select a specific coupon on the app, the expiration date will be listed under the offer details.

How do I print coupons from the app?

If you would like to print out a coupon from the app, select the offer and tap the Share button. From here you will be able to email yourself the coupon and print from home, although in most cases you won’t need to print.

How do I share coupons from the app?

After selecting a coupon on the app, tap the Share button, which will enable you to share the offer via email, Facebook or Twitter. When sharing by email, the app will automatically fill in all the offer details. All you need to do is enter the recipient’s address.

Can I search for coupons outside my area using the app?

Absolutely! Simply go into the app’s settings and change your search to “ZIP code.” You’ll then be prompted to enter the ZIP code you’d like to search. When you’re done, just change the setting back to “Current Location” to go back to searching coupons in your area.

I launched the app to search for coupons and have since traveled to a new location. Why am I seeing coupons from my old location?

To conserve battery life, many mobile devices do not maintain a constant GPS connection. This can sometimes lead to an old location being presented until the device can reestablish a connection and refresh the location. This normally takes 10-30 seconds to resolve.