Why Money Mailer?

Since 1979, we’ve helped businesses deliver compelling offers to high-income consumers wherever they are – through the mail, online and mobile devices.

What’s our secret to successful campaigns for you? We mail to affluent consumers, who redeem coupons twice as much as lower-income households.  From start to finish, we manage the entire process, freeing you to focus on your business.

Our comprehensive, multi-channel program reaches your audience through multiple advertising touch points, achieving maximum redemptions and returns for you.

Our Envelope Stands Out

The clear window on our familiar red, white and blue envelopes showcases an enticing image like food, inviting readers to open the envelope. Once inside, they’ll find savings on lots of other products and services right in their area.

Larger than our closest competitor, our envelope stands out in the mailbox, helping the consumer find your local offers quickly.


We’re Your Local Direct Marketing Experts

Since 1979, we’ve delivered savings to local households ready to spend. Our readers look forward to opening the envelope. They know they’ll find great deals to all their favorite neighborhood businesses.

Today, Money Mailer reaches over 8 million households by mailonlineemail, and social media. Check out our mobile app! You’ll find deals from all types of businesses, such as restaurants, entertainment, beauty, automotive, personal services, home improvement and more.

By combining integrated direct mail and digital advertising, we help businesses accurately target their ideal audience and deliver powerful messages through comprehensive marketing solutions. Ready to grow your business? See what the dynamic duo of paper and digital ads can do for you!

Mark & Sharon Spero

Franchise Owners

Money Mailer of Fox River Valley