Why Money Mailer

Direct Mail Industry Leaders with a 30 Year Success Track Record. Money Mailer is the jumbo-sized red, white & blue envelope that contains advertisements from local and national companies. The majority of these ads contain a coupon or special offer.

Who Receives Money Mailer?

  • Delivered to single-family homes (via U.S. Postal Service) with average household income of $75,000-$95,000. 1
  • Targeting females age 25-54, married with children. 1
  • Mailed monthly to local homes, & available on web & mobile devices.

Money Mailer Effectiveness

  • 85% of readers go through all of the offers. 2
  • 50% use 3 or more coupons. 2
  • Consumers rated direct mail as their preferred and most trusted source for marketing information. 3
  • Printed ads that consumers can touch and feel leave a deeper impression than those viewed on screen. 4
  • 65% of Americans who purchased a product or service did so as a result of direct mail. 6

Shoppers Behaviors

  • 97% use coupons to save money. 2
  • 75% use more coupons now than in the past. 2
  • 74% learn about new businesses from coupon offers.2 Extremely Targeted Coverage
  • Advertise in only the areas (zones) you want to target.
  • Each zone is made up of 10,000 homes (appx 3-5 mile area).

Low-Cost Investment

  • Approximately 4¢ per home.
  • Includes marketing consultation, design, printing, postage, distribution, web exposure & inclusion on the Money Mailer App (for mobile devices).

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