Call Tracking

Money Mailer offers the ability to track customer phone calls generated by your direct mail campaign.

With direct mail call tracking, a unique number directs calls to your existing phone line – it’s all very seamless to the caller. You’ll be able to listen to recorded conversations, keep track of the number of calls you receive and calculate a more accurate return on your investment!

Listen to Customer Calls

Calls to your CallRail phone number are recorded, allowing you to listen to each individual conversation and deliver customer service feedback to your staff on an ongoing basis.

Calculate your ROI with Direct Mail Call Tracking

Knowing how many calls were generated by your Money Mailer campaign helps you determine your campaign’s ROI.  The best way to assess your ROI is to link every lead back to the specific marketing source that drove the response—including phone calls.  Without call tracking, it’s not possible to see the full picture of your marketing efforts.