Call Tracking

With Money Mailer, you can track customer phone calls generated by your direct mail ad.

Call tracking provides a unique phone number that directs incoming calls to your existing phone line – smoothly and easily for every caller. We’ll set up a CallRail account for you that lets you listen to recorded conversations, monitor the number of calls received, and quickly evaluate your return on your investment!

Listen and Learn

Calls to your call tracking number are recorded, which lets you listen to the conversations and provide critical customer service feedback to your staff. From the reports, you’ll learn the name, address, phone number, time and date of the call, and more for each caller.

Enhance your ROI Analysis with Call Tracking

Monitoring calls generated by your Money Mailer campaign helps you evaluate your ROI. The optimal process for assessing your ROI is to tie every lead back to the original marketing source that drove the response—including phone calls from your ads. With call tracking, you get the complete picture of your advertising efforts.