Email Campaigns

Maximize your advertising impact with custom email campaigns delivered to eager consumers in your local area.

Email campaigns are considered “the digital glue” of your marketing strategy.  Why? Because they’re an effective way to reinforce an advertising message when sent after the delivery of your direct mail piece. Plus, consumers prefer email advertising over social media and pay-per-click ads.

Email Marketing Works!

Consumers who visit the Money Mailer Local Coupons site are prompted to sign-up for email offers, and many do! They’re hungry for deals and want access to offers in between mailings. Emails can be sent to your target audience right after your monthly mailing goes out. Remind your customers to look for your offer and more importantly, redeem it before it expires.

When you add an email campaign to your marketing program, you unlock the opportunity to touch advertisers who have asked to receive special offers. Why not give people what they ask for!  It’s a rewarding…and cost-effective way to build lasting relationships with customers.

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