Direct Mail And Technology: Together, An Incredible Duo

We know that direct mail has been proven time and time again to be an effective marketing tool. Its effectiveness is often compared to that of technological advertising tools. However, what doesn’t receive quite enough acknowledgement is how much more effective direct mail can be when combined with technology.

A recent article by Forbes discusses three ways in which direct mail and technology work together to form an awesome duo. When a business combines the power of traditional print with the latest tech tools, they ensure the most effective reach and impactful messaging available. Maximize your marketing dollars with a happy marriage between direct mail and high tech.

1. Technology is still essential to target the right audience

Send to your best customers to ensure the best results. Money Mailer utilizes demographic analytics in order to target ideal households in markets across the country – higher than average household incomes, high percentage of home-owners, greater number of college graduates, and more. Money Mailer’s SmartZones technology allows a business to pinpoint the most promising target markets for their particular location.

2. Create human connections with consumers ready to act, and track redemptions

Direct mail allows advertisers to create a human connection by delivering a thoughtful offer that is real and tangible directly to a consumer’s doorstep. To track the conversions, technology allows us to use QR codes, call tracking, or custom URLs as tracking mechanisms. Never waste another dollar by measuring all advertising efforts with tracking data. With the high flexibility and reasonable cost of direct mail, you can easily redirect campaigns into more responsive platforms in order to maximize your ROI. Get them in the door, give them an unbelievable customer experience, and stay in touch digitally and through the mail to create a happy customer for life!

3. Don’t let technological advancements scare you away from direct mail

Potential customers can be overwhelmed by the clutter of online. Direct mail gives you a person’s mailbox, almost to yourself, and you can use technology to help connect with consumers in a direct way. Separate yourself from the crowd with a targeted message direct to your ideal customer.

Direct mail is still around because it works! Personalized and thoughtful messaging is delivered direct to someone’s doorstep in a tangible fashion that can’t be ignored with a simple click. Remember to embrace the new, while sticking with the tried and true that has withstood the test of time.