Shared Direct Mail

Money Mailer is known for its red white and blue envelopes, chock full of money-saving offers. The shared direct mail envelopes are distributed to more than 15 million homes in over 30 states.

We’ve been helping businesses grow their operations with direct mail for over 39 years.  What sets our shared direct mail envelope apart is its ability to reach your ideal customers through powerful targeting techniques.

Shared Direct Mail Creates Demand

Shared direct mail benefits you as a traditional form of advertising that creates powerful demand among consumers. Think about it, consumers get their mail out of their mailbox every day and essentially invite the envelope into their home.  Once they have the envelope in their hands, they’ll spend time reading through all the exciting offers and messages from their favorite businesses . . . and will even discover newly opened, local businesses.

After going through the envelope, Money Mailer consumers typically set aside the offers they are most interested in.  This is called the “mail moment”.  Real buying demand is now created.  Essentially, consumers see things that look interesting and didn’t necessarily know they needed or wanted them. It’s a powerful thing.

Once this demand has been created, consumers will either call or visit your business directly, or they’ll search for you online or visit your website.

Powerful Targeting

Money Mailer carefully selects mailing areas so that businesses may effectively reach a responsive affluent consumer audience, who are typically home owners in suburban geographies. 

Large 2-Sided Glossy Ads

Our unique coupon mobile app provides consumers with easy access to your offers while on on-the-go. This allows your marketing message to be seen more often which improves your ROI.