Shared Direct Mail

Stand out from the crowd with Money Mailer.

Our iconic red, white, and blue envelope grabs the reader’s attention.

Packed full of savings, the envelopes are delivered to more than 8 million homes in over 15 states.

We’ll reach your ideal customers better than the rest with powerful targeting techniques.

Shared Direct Mail Creates Demand

Consumers check their mail every day, eager for what’s new. A whopping 90% of recipients open the Money Mailer envelope, looking for exciting offers and discovering new local businesses.

After going through the offers, consumers set aside their favorites – real buying demand is now created. Powerful advertisements and offers have piqued an interest for the consumers. Your offers in their hands fuel retention, driving consumer action.

What comes next? Consumers will either call, search for you online, or visit your business directly. Time to seal the deal!

Powerful Targeting

Money Mailer custom selects mailing areas, concentrating on affluent consumers. Typically, we mail to suburban homeowners — your best customers who are ready to spend!
double sided Money Mailer ad image

Large 2-Sided Glossy Ads

Shout it out! Our oversized ads give you ample room to feature valuable offers along with clear and effective messaging.  There’s plenty of space to sell your story and connect to consumers.  The result? You’ll acquire and retain more customers.