Multi-Channel Reporting

Get a convenient snapshot of your marketing campaign with multi-channel reports from Money Mailer. You’ll receive a concise overview full of insights into all aspects of your campaign. Quickly and easily evaluate the results with confidence!

When it comes to advertising, you need to know whether your efforts are producing a desirable return on investment. We’ll provide you with quality data that lets you examine the numbers at your convenience.

Evaluate Our Performance

We believe that direct mail works. With years of experience helping thousands of businesses grow, we’re confident that Money Mailer can further your company’s success, too. But, guess what? You don’t need to take our word for it. With multi-channel reporting, you’ll have marketing results at your fingertips. You can follow the performance of your campaign every month. Curious about how many consumers opened your e-blast?  You’ll have all the details. Want to find out how many visitors viewed your coupon on the Money Mailer Mobile App? We’ll show you. Wondering whether your campaign is producing a strong ROI or CPL? You’ll have all the answers ready for your review.

Multi-Channel Campaign Summary

Get a top-level view of the effectiveness of you Money Mailer campaign with the summary report. You’ll see a list of your advertising products, the frequency of delivery, the cost, and most importantly, the results from those efforts.