Our Services

At Money Mailer, we build a direct marketing program that is custom-tailored to your business. As experts in the field for over 20 years, we know what will boost your brand and get results for your particular business.

Your direct mail campaign is paired with a digital advertising program designed to maximize your exposure and response. Every campaign includes a complete market and ROI analysis, allowing us to deliver an effective, custom ad that targets desirable households in communities ideal for your business.

We provide owner-to-owner service in your local community and are dedicated to helping your business grow through an integrated marketing suite that generates both print and digital response.


The Ultimate Print & Digital Package





Shared Mail Envelope

Direct mail advertising in the familiar red, white, and blue envelope gives business owners the benefits of targeted direct mail but at a significantly lower cost. At a price of about 4¢ a home, you can efficiently reach high income homes in your business’s local area using custom designed ads that get results.

Money Mailer brings you the ideal customer ready to spend

  • 78% are homeowners
  • 85% higher home value
  • Nearly 50% have children
  • Household incomes 71% above the national average

+One Postcard

Mailed as a separate piece along with the Money Mailer envelope at a fraction of the cost of a regular postcard. Plenty of space to share your story and best offers. Plus, you get a FREE insert in the shared mail envelope and all of our digital products — at no extra cost.

The easier, more affordable way to do postcards. Keep all eyes on you!

Envelope Cover

Optimize your marketing potential with more space to feature offers and tell your story. Mailed to 20,000 affluent homes, an envelope cover ad provides higher visibility. Combined with the FREE insert, both ads put attention on your business and offers for a boost in response. Plus, a FREE digital package.

Maximize your exposure with our premium envelope cover plus a FREE 2-sided insert. The Perfect Package for just 7.5¢ per home

Targeted Solo Direct Mail

Direct mail postcards and letters offer businesses a highly targeted and customized way to reach potential new customers, while keeping in touch with existing customers. Our selective campaigns allow you to mail to only the most profitable prospects, increasing response rates and ROI.

Target your BEST prospects through a variety of demographics

Household income, age, home value, occupation, presence of children in the home – plus dozens more!

Money Mailer Mobile App

Expand your marketing reach with digital solutions from Money Mailer. The new Money Mailer coupon app makes it easy for consumers to search for great deals and redeem your offers on-the-go. Consumers search for offers around their current GPS location for hundreds of local coupons nearby — with convenient Google Maps driving directions to all store locations.

Every advertiser gets a FREE listing of their ad on the new digitally enhanced Money Mailer coupon app

MoneyMailer.com Coupons

Consumers find your offers faster and easier on the state-of-the-art MoneyMailer.com coupon site. Every advertiser gets a FREE online Business Profile page displaying your offers and business details – for instant access by your customers. A cutting-edge digital presence, combined with targeted direct mail means you reach more of your best customers – an unsurpassed combination within the industry!

Now designed with a powerful new search bar and enriched keyword platform.

Business Profile Page

FREE SEO-optimized profile page helps consumers find you online – even driving traffic to your own website and social media through direct links to your sites. Your custom-built Business Profile updates automatically each month that you advertise.

Build your SEO with a FREE digital Business Profile highlighting your

  • Offers
  • Business Description
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Google Location Map
  • Hours and MORE

Google Analytics

Your Money Mailer ad campaign not only creates phone calls and coupon redemptions, it also drives traffic to your website — through organic searches, direct searches, and referral pages. We provide FREE ongoing consultation using Google Analytics so that you gain access to all the digital trends impacted by your campaign.

With FREE Google Analytic reports, make better date-driven marketing decisions to grow traffic and boost sales!

Call Tracking

Call Tracking assigns a unique phone number to each mailing piece in order to identify which campaigns produce the most promising results. Our concise reporting provides detailed caller metrics, allowing you to determine the most effective campaigns and to refine future projects. Both 800 and local numbers are available to choose from.

Invest in advertising with confidence, knowing real-time ROI data is at your fingertips.

Email Campaigns

Our email campaigns help you communicate with consumers eager to receive exclusive offers in your area. Reach consumers in between mailings or test new products and services. With a strong base of consumers who have opted in to receive Money Mailer communication, our emails consistently perform above industry standards.

Every turnkey campaign includes

  • Email blast design
  • Scheduling with list
  • Execution and Delivery

Multi-Channel Reporting

For Complete Campaign and ROI Analysis

Maximize your ROI by tracking response in multiple ways. Money Mailer compiles all of your campaign results in one comprehensive report: Print campaign summary • Digital campaign results • Call Tracking data and more.

Reports include the total number of

  • Homes last mailed
  • Online offer and business page views
  • Mobile app coupon redemptions
  • Calls, including answered calls, missed calls, and first time callers.
  • Email opens and hyperlink clicks

Multi-Channel Reporting puts it all together for you in one convenient report for easy analysis.