Our Services

Need to know your advertising efforts are paying off? We’ve got you covered with in-depth reporting and analysis services.

We offer multiple ways to track your campaigns – at no cost to you! With our exclusive reporting, we’ll help you analyze the results to ensure you’re making the best decisions with your advertising spend.

Multi-Channel Reporting

Money Mailer’s multi-channel report puts you in the driver’s seat. Each report provides an overview of data highlighting the effectiveness of your campaign. You’ll learn the amount of phone calls generated by your ad, the quantity of ads mailed, the number of views generated by your MoneyMailer.com business profile page, the total Mobile App views, and so much more.

Call Tracking

When running a direct mail campaign, a call tracking phone number on your ad is crucial to evaluating the impact of your advertisement. It lets you know the number of customers calling for an appointment, looking for directions, asking about your products and services, or placing an order. With Money Mailer’s Call Tracking services, you can listen to recorded calls and review the quality of the communication with your customers. With that knowledge, you’ll gain insights into ways to improve your customer service.

Attribution Analysis

In today’s world, you can engage with your customers through multiple channels. Amidst all the clatter, how can you know which marketing touchpoint is having the greatest impact on your customers’ purchasing decisions? Research shows that direct mail has a strong influence on consumer choices. A study by Marketing Charts revealed that 26% of consumers say direct mail ads aid their purchasing decisions. To help you see the effect of your Money Mailer campaign, we’ll execute an in-depth attribution analysis to measure gains to sales, average transaction, new customer acquisition, and more.