Why Print Advertising

Why Print Advertising Will Thrive In 2018 and Beyond!

One of the constant battles we face in an ever changing digital advertising landscape is the misconception that print advertising is dying. With each passing year, those of us who make a living through print advertising continue to sing its praises. But sometimes, in order to convince people of something or especially to change their minds, you need more than praises—you need science.

According to a recent article, neuroscience has now proven that printed ads make a better impression than digital ones. On a brain-chemistry level, people process printed content with greater engagement and focus, not to mention a deeper emotional response than they do content viewed on a screen.

While digital content is scanned quickly, paper-based reading is slower and more deliberate, leading to greater rates of comprehension and recall. For advertisers, this means that traditional print media ads are more likely to make a lasting impression and, thus, lead to more sales.

Why will print always remain relevant? Here are 5 reasons:


Perhaps the fact that print has been around so long gives it prestige. Thanks to its rich history, ads that appear in print tend to be taken more seriously.


Studies suggest that readers trust print more than any other medium. In fact, according to an October 2016 survey by Marketing Sherpa, 82% of U.S. internet users trust print ads when making a purchase decision, more than any other medium.

Clearly Defined Target Audiences

Healthy ROI’s require the ability to target readers effectively. Print ads allow positioning in the most relevant editorial sections of publications. Conversely, when buying ads from digital networks, you can never be quite sure your message will reach the right audience at the right time.

High Engagement Rates

Humans have become modern multi-taskers. We check email while texting our friends while binge-watching our favorite TV shows. In other words, we rarely give digital content our full attention. Print content, on the other hand, allows us to really focus and engage. And, when it comes to getting our message across, you can’t beat full engagement.

Print Drives Online Search

According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers are most likely to start an online search after viewing a magazine ad.

The value of an engaging paper coupon is here to stay. Maximize your marketing reach in 2018 through a well-developed plan that always includes printed ads.