Smart Marketing Tips For Salons

The holiday season means holiday parties and the need for all those partygoers to look their best. This time of year may be a prime time for sales in the beauty industry, but it is also one of the most competitive. In order to stand out amongst the crowd, hair salons must proactively promote their services while generating powerful messaging.

Jane Massey, a Money Mailer franchisee owner in the St. Louis area, with more than 15 years of direct marketing experience, shares her marketing wisdom in this Salon Magazine article. The article, which follows below, explains how direct mail can be an effective advertising platform for salon and spa owners, as well presenting the key components of a direct mail campaign.

For owners of independent salons and spas, staying top of mind with consumers has never been more important as competition in the beauty space remains fierce. As salons and spas are shifting their focus to not only attracting customer traffic but also gaining customer loyalty, strategic advertising campaigns with clear messaging are essential to the success of their business.

Direct mail is a proven advertising tactic that can help spread your message to desired customers. However, salon operators can only obtain the loyal client base they’re looking for by providing clear and consistent messaging with a tangible offer of value. Here are the key components of a direct mail that should be taken into consideration:

Create clear and consistent branding

Color, imagery, text and layout are major factors to consider depending on what customer you are trying to attract. Dark blues and blacks with a bold, “boxy” typeface are frequent go-to design choices when owners are trying to attract a male customer-base, while brighter shades like orange are common for female salons. Images of hair models are also a great way to identify your desired customer and an image of an entire family can clearly show that a salon caters to all genders and ages.

Once the first ad in a campaign has been created, it’s important that other ads utilize that same color scheme and design. Keeping your design consistent strengthens your brand’s messaging and identity to potential and current clients.

Provide a quantifiable offer

Attracting a loyal customer base requires salon operators to provide a strong sense of value. Seasonal offers on products and services creates a sense of urgency, which compels first time clients to try your salon while also encouraging regular clients to visit your business more frequently.

I’ve found through experience that this rule is more strictly followed by salons that cater to men, as men often cut their hair more frequently than women. However, salons that provide services for women can be more creative in their offers by featuring seasonal products and services. Whichever the case, be sure your call to action is a focal point of your ad, as that will be a key factor in attracting clients.

Determine the right reach and frequency

The tools and technology we have today allow business owners to deliver their messages to the right demographic and the perfect frequency.  I’ve found that a three to five-mile radius surrounding a business is a good reach to start any marketing campaign. Following that initial mailing, businesses can rotate their geographic outreach to seek new clients or adjust for their budget. Regardless of how one adjusts their reach (or zones), the best marketing campaigns are the ones that are consistent, keeping their brand top of mind to new and repeat guests to promote frequency and loyalty.

If you are a franchise business, then it’s also important to consider if there are any fellow franchises in your area, as your campaign may provide free marketing to any neighboring franchises. To avoid this, franchisees should either consider hyperlocal campaigns or work with fellow franchisees to create a joint marketing campaign.

Overall, several different elements will determine the response rate and effectiveness of a direct mail ad. The correct use of images, language and frequency can make your ad a huge success. Marketing is a back and forth conversation between a business and their potential clients so continuously identifying what clients need and want will create a strong ROI for your campaign.

About the Author: With more than 15 years of direct marketing experience, Jane Massey has created numerous successful marketing campaigns for local, regional and national brands in the St. Louis metro area. She enjoys working with local businesses of all kinds to help them get and keep more of their best customers!