People Are Breaking Up With Facebook

Start a New Romance through Direct Mail Advertising

Has a client or prospect told you they’re diverting their marketing dollars towards Facebook social media advertising? Not the best strategy with the pull of social media now in decline. Clients need to rethink the direction of their marketing dollars. Be ready to respond with thoughtful reasons supporting the value of directed advertising vs social media search.

Facebook Falters

A recent article published by USA Today on February 14, 2018, sheds light on the recent erosion of Facebook user engagement. What does this mean? With this social media in decline, it gives demand-creating mediums like Money Mailer a leg up against one of the largest social media platforms in existence.

The article reveals that nearly one in five Facebook users — 18.4% — say they are using Facebook less than they did a year ago, according to a new poll of 1,000 people by Honest Data, a market research firm run by pollster Tavis McGinn, who used to work at Facebook. The article goes on to say that measurements taken by research firm Comscore also show minutes spent on Facebook in the U.S. are declining.

Direct Mail – The Better Choice

This dramatic social media decline was measured before the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It’s safe to assume usage rates have fallen off even further. Privacy matters! Consumers are getting fed up with digital intrusions and putting down their phones. Give your small business clients a better way to communicate with their customers through coupons, flyers, and postcards sent in the mail. Less intrusive and more impactful.

If you encounter a prospect or client who claims that Facebook advertising is a more effective use of their marketing budget, overcome their objection by sharing this very important and highly relevant article. Memorize the key data points:

One in Five Facebook users say they are using Facebook less than they did a year ago.

  1. Some users have reduced activity from an average of 3 hours per day down to just 20 minutes and many have deleted the app from their mobile phone.
  2. In January, 2018, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg told investors that users spent 50 million fewer hours a day on the network in Q4. That’s a lot of time!
  3. New research from eMarketer predicts that, for the first time, less than half of U.S. Internet users ages 12-17 will use Facebook this year.

More and more individuals are saying ‘no’ to invasive screen time — ending their romance with social media. Woo them instead with effective, non-intrusive direct mail advertising.

Source: USA Today, February 14, 2018, “Why Facebook is getting less face time from users”