Clipper Magazine Vs. Money Mailer Vs. Valpak

So you’ve decided to give Direct Mail a try. Great choice! But now you’ve got more decisions to make. First and foremost on the list is which product to use. There are a number of big players in the market, including Valpak, Clipper, SaveOn, and, of course, Money Mailer. Let’s take a hard look at why Money Mailer is the clear winner.

Here are just a few of the impressive facts and figures about Money Mailer:

  • A noteworthy history of offering high value to consumers for over 35 years.
  • Money Mailer reaches up to 17 million unduplicated households in 50 designated metropolitan market areas across the nation each mail cycle.
  • Nationally, over 30,000 different local to national business advertisers every month, with an average of 38 advertisements in each envelope.
  • Mailings to targeted zones of 10,000 homes each reach higher income, owner-occupied, single-family dwellings.
  • An envelope open-rate of 95%, with 82% of consumers reporting going through all of the offers.

The proven track record of Money Mailer definitely helps it stand out in the crowd. But you might be wondering how it matches up against some of the competition in a head-to-head comparison.

First up is Money Mailer vs. Clipper Magazine. The advantages of Money Mailer are evident in an assessment of the demographics and the advertising product options.

Money Mailer1Clipper Magazine2
Average Household Income$111,284$81,662
Targeted Household TypeSingle Family HomesAll Residence Types(including rentals)
Ad FormatFull Color, 2 SidedSingle Sided
Zone Size10,00050,000 – 150,000
Advertiser ContentLocal & RegionalMostly Regional

The Money Mailer delivery areas clearly target higher income households with greater buying potential. In terms of the product, a Money Mailer advert offers more customization with the option of two full sides of content, with no other advertisers on the back side. The smaller zone size allows advertisements to better target ideal communities closer to the advertising business, along with more flexibility in the final cost. With an emphasis on relevant, local content, Money Mailer provides a higher value to the end consumer. Best of all, the Money Mailer envelope is mailed 12 times a year, allowing businesses to deliver a consistent message to their customers throughout the year, along with greater flexibility for seasonal communication.

What about Money Mailer vs. Valpak?

The Money Mailer Difference

  • 34% more ad space than Valpak
  • Household incomes 21% higher
  • Primarily mailed to single family homes
  • Window placement advertising option
  • Oversized envelope stands out in the mail
  • The focus on hyper-local advertisers improves response for the entire package

Simply put, in comparison to Clipper Magazine and Valpak, Money Mailer does a better job of reaching ideal local consumers, with a product that has more appeal to the advertiser and the all-important consumer.


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