8 Direct Mail Marketing Stats That May Surprise You

Have you gotten on the digital bandwagon and left direct mail behind?  Not so fast, according to a compilation of direct mail marketing statistics by Shrav Mehta with The Lob. Sure, email marketing is less expensive, but every business owner needs to also factor in the effectiveness of digital marketing.  Or, should we say, the lack thereof.  The statistics below highlight the enduring power of direct mail.  In a head to head match with email marketing, direct mail has greater reach and more impact on the consumer, leading to more sales for you.

People aren’t opening emails, but they still sort through their MAIL.

Take a look at your email inbox right now. Most of us have hundreds of unopened emails and more on the way. According to MailChimp, most companies see average open rates below 20%. It’s hard to stand out to your readers.

Unlike email, people are actually sorting through their physical mail. A study conducted by Epsilon, a leading data compiler, showed that 77% of people sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it. Design something eye-catching and memorable for a strong chance of capturing your recipient’s attention.

98% of Americans check their mail every day.

Some marketers worry that direct mail messages will go unread. But the mailbox is something physical, and people check it regularly. According to data from the US Postal Service, 98% of people check their mail on a daily basis.

If you send mail, there’s a high likelihood it’s going to be seen. Better yet, by sending out consis­tent mailings, people will see your brand often. Your messages won’t get lost in a spam folder.

Roughly 66% of people have bought something because of DIRECT MAIL.

According to the Direct Mail Association (DMA), nearly 2/3 of people have bought something because of a direct mail piece. Additionally, 70% of customers have re-started a relationship because of direct mail.

It’s not enough to just send out a postcard with your logo on the front. The key is to offer something up, like a discount or promotion.

People feel that DIRECT MAIL is more personal than the Internet.

Receiving an email can feel impersonal. Direct mail, on the other hand, is more personal.

According to the USPS, 69% of people feel that mail is more personal than the Internet. You’re receiving something tangible – like a ‘thank you’ card vs. a ‘thank you’ email.

When it comes to direct mail marketing, even the subtlest personalization techniques can make a big difference. Make sure your names and addresses are accurate, as no one likes to receive a mailing addressed to the wrong person. Use first names when possible.

Physical mail leaves an imprint on the brain.

Millward Brown, a research agency found that physical media left a “deeper footprint” in the brain than digital media did. If people can touch and see a piece of direct mail, they’re more likely to engage with it.

Touching something with your hands helps you commit it to memory. So when people receive a direct mail piece, it can actually leave an impression on people’s brains. With physical mail, you touch, feel, and see it!

People spend 30 minutes reading their mail.

If a potential customer spends a few minutes on your website, that’s considered a good amount

of time. What if we told you they spend 10x more time with their mail?

According to the USPS, Americans spend an average of 30 minutes reading their mail on any given occasion. When it comes to magazines, they spend 45 minutes turning the pages.

People enjoy receiving DIRECT MAIL.

Today, our mailboxes are filled with health insurance notices, bills, and grocery store flyers. So when we receive a piece of mail from our favorite brand, it excites us. There’s something about receiving mail that makes people feel good. In fact, 56% say receiving mail is a “real pleasure”, and 55% “look forward” to learning what they’ve received, according to USPS.

Direct mail represents a huge opportunity for marketers to connect with their customers. It can lead to more sales, brand awareness, and a deeper sense of connection.

DIRECT MAIL enhances brand loyalty and customer connections.

As a business owner, you’re constantly told to increase your presence in the digital realm – write more blog posts, amp up social media, spend more on PPC. But direct mail is still a great way to connect with prospective and loyal customers.

Delight your audience and start sending direct mail. With the right approach, direct mail has the potential to be as simple as email and much more powerful.

8 Direct Mail Marketing Stats originally published by Mehta, Shrav. 7 Direct Mail Mistakes that May Surprise You. July 19th, 2016