7 Easy Ways To Use Social Media To Help Grow Your Business

Trying to use social media sites for your small or online business can be frustrating and overwhelming. Many people have attempted by using social platforms as sales tools only, but the key to attract more business on social media is to actually be more social. Here are 7 easy ways you can use social media better and gain new clients and followers:

  1. Be socialOften business owners wonder why their posts are “ignored.” The fact is, social media algorithms have been tuned to “promote” content that others find interesting. So if you’re not normally and regularly engaging on a platform, your posts are not likely to be seen. Social media is social.

    Some new business entrepreneurs make the erroneous assumption that posting a service or product on social media is equal to having a sales conversation with someone but it’s not. While you have the potential to reach several ideal clients and interested parties, your post has to entice engagement and sharing in order to really be seen.

  2. Use social media as both a sales and entertainment platformEntertaining post can help you use social media to attract business. Many people go on social media when they’re bored or looking for a passive task while they wait for something, so entertainment is an easy pursuit. When you can both entertain and educate others, you can provide a little brain candy.

    Watching and/or reading involves very little risk, but you don’t have to be a comedian. Instead, consider sharing content that aligns with your values, or post that inspire and align with your ideal clients. Just like with other media, when sharing content that you didn’t create make sure to cite/tag your source.

  3. Create good relationships with followers and other businesses onlineWhen someone post a question in a social group, they’re looking for an answer. If you have answers to the questions they have, you align instantly as an expert. To boost your social media popularity and attract more business, focus on giving brief, helpful answers.

    If you have relevant advice or resources, share your insight, guidance, and expertise. This allows you to gain readers an may resonate with some followers if you share relevant information often. This will also help you build your expertise capital. Meaning, before long, you’ll soon be recognized as an expert in your given topic or field.

  4. Share your success stories onlineOne of the best ways to attract business using social media is to share success stories. Sharing client success stories highlights your business services through your client’s positive results. Client success stories can take the form of case studies, before and after statements, testimonials, and even the occasional thank you note.

    Another way social media attracts business is when you share pictures of your products often. Sharing your products socially helps keeps you connected to the business and the results you achieve. This keeps your business top of mind when others have needs for what you offer. The more people who know what you do and how you can help, the more people you will naturally connect with.

  5. Create demonstrations and how-to postsMany popular and attractive social media posts are recipes! People, especially foodies, love tuning in to watch amazing how-to cooking videos. How-to messages are one of the most common ways to use social media to attract more business. These can take the shape of demonstrations or steps to follow.

    Sharing how to do things is especially helpful if you belong to specialty groups.

  6. Always respond with kindness and positivity
    When you use social media to attract, market, and promote your business, it’s important to spread a little sunshine. When you create alignment and agreement by authentically and positively responding to others, you will build social popularity. 
  7. Post frequently
    Social media is all about being social and being social is all about sharing. Share your ideas, share other’s ideas, share your opinions, and share your support. And don’t be afraid to share again in the future. If the advice was good three months ago, it’s probably still good today. Sharing great information and ideas on a consistent basis will help create a ripple that will pay you back with more connections and new clients to come.