5 Myths You Should Know Before Marketing To ‘Millennials’

If you think you know all there is to know about marketing to Millennials, think again! Recent studies have shown that some of the most popular beliefs about Millennials and what is important to them are actually false.

In her recent article, “5 Myths About Millennials Busted,” Catherine Hayden shares why some of the most common thoughts about the millennial audience are, in actuality, misconceptions!

Here’s a brief breakdown of each myth.  It’s important to first correct them in your mind before building your advertising messages and offers.

Millennials are Kids 

In 2017, millions of millennials celebrated their 35th birthday. So instead of thinking of them as children, you should imagine them as established adults.  Adults who might have two kids and a mortgage! While they still desire to get ahead, some millennials are building families.  They consider being a parent extremely important to their overall identity.

They’re Addicted to Social Media

The idea that millennials never look up from their smartphones is another millennial myth. According to a Nielsen report, it is actually Gen Xers (people aged 35-49) who spend more time online—seven hours a week.  In contrast, Millennials actually spend only six. This might also explain why many Millennials still prefer receiving printed offers in the mail vs. their smartphone.

Millennials are Entitled

Millennials are thought to be entitled and self-involved. However The Economist concluded recently that there actually aren’t many differences between millennials and older generations. So what should you do? Treat millennials like you would any other generation of consumers.

They’re Too Distracted

Millennials might be multi-taskers, but that doesn’t mean they’re distracted. They are actually very loyal according to the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Long-term relationships are what build trust. So make sure you stay in front of your audience over time by building the right frequency into your ad campaign.

Millennials are Self-Centered

Actually, millennials are one of the most unselfish generations. Millennials care about causes—nearly 50% of people surveyed wanted brands to offer socially conscious benefits like giving to Charity. It’s not always about spend, it’s about authenticity. Millennials want to give back, so show them that your brand does too by stating your values on your advertising.

The Takeaway:  Marketing to millennials is an important thing to do, especially in 2017.  However before you start having a conversation with them, you have to know what language they’re speaking and how to respond to that language.

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