Stop Wasting Your Money – Four Common Direct Mail Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

When you’re running a small business, every dollar counts. Direct mail can be a very cost-effective means of attracting new customers and keeping current customers engaged…when it’s done right. However, the inexperienced business owner can easily get tripped up by all too common pitfalls. Check out this list of common direct mail mistakes and the best ways to stay clear of them.

Mistake #1: The Offer-Free Mailing

It’s not enough to simply list contact information and services on your ad.  You must give the reader a compelling reason to try your product or service.  The competition sure is!  Did you know that each consumer is exposed to an average of 5000 advertisements per day?  That means that every piece of advertising real estate must be maximized in order to bring you optimal results.  A clear call-to-action, coupled with a genuinely valuable offer is critical to the success of your direct mail campaign. Yes, branding on its own has its benefits, but why not combine brand messaging with a compelling offer in order to draw in the elusive buyer even more.  You can find more information on the ever-important call to action here.

Mistake #2 Confusing or Complicated Offers

Right behind the first mistake of not having an offer is having a lackluster one.  What are some signs of a poor offer?  Too hard for the reader to understand or too many hoops the consumer has to go through to access the deal.  Making the process cumbersome is the quickest way to turn off a possible new consumer.  You won’t get any bites with an offer such as, “Save up to 30% on your energy bill with an A/C precision tune-up”.  Huh?? Any potential buyers are just left scratching their heads. Instead, a crystal clear offer like, “$25 OFF any service call”, will convey a specific benefit no one has to wait for.   “$10 OFF any purchase of $30 or more” is clear and to the point.  With all of your offers, keep it as simple and straightforward as possible.   Click here for more examples of engaging offers.

 Mistake #3 Making Mistakes

They won’t be able to race to your door if the phone number or address on your ad is wrong.  Exceptional proofreading is a must!  There’s nothing worse than a coupon that states $100 OFF when you meant for it to be $10 OFF.  You are then faced with the bad choice of honoring the misprint or losing credibility with your customers.  Simple typos aren’t so simple when they affect the professionalism and reputation of your business.   Be sure to work with an experienced advertising agency with a stellar reputation for delivering a quality product every time.   Call for references and check online reviews and testimonials.  Money Mailer FRV Testimonials.

Mistake #4 Boring Headline

If you put them to sleep, they can’t use your services!  What makes for a boring headline? Any time it’s too wordy, written with poor grammar, or doesn’t engage the reader.  If you really need to convey a long message, break it down into a heading and subheading. Don’t forget to change up the colors and fonts between heading copy lines to keep the reader’s attention.  Exciting headlines offer a benefit to the reader…”Check Out What’s New at Abby’s”, “Beat the Rush and Save”, “Now’s the Time to Get Gorgeous Legs” are all examples of engaging headlines.  The reader is compelled to act now for a benefit they don’t want to miss.

The bottom line goal of every advertiser is to draw consumers in, keep their attention, and compel them to act now.  Stay on target and minimize your costs by avoiding these all too common direct mail mistakes.