Grow Through Gratitude – Thank A Customer Today

As a small business owner, your customers are your most important asset. According to Gartner Group, 80 percent of your future revenue is most likely to come from 20 percent of your existing customers. Without a doubt, you want to keep them happy and engaged in your product or service. So how do you thank your customers and keep them wanting more?
Let your customers know that you care.  When someone receives appreciation, it’s human nature for that person to feel drawn to the source of the glowing attention.  Who doesn’t like to be told they are important!  It’s very helpful to show your appreciation while changing up your engagement and/or offers.  Ideally you should promote through multiple avenues in order to increase exposure and influence.


Approaching your customer base through alternative means can significantly increase response rates.  The human brain tends to overlook patterns it sees on a regular basis.  Surprise your customers with something new!  Fresh and different feels special and will increase customer interest and appreciation. 

If you only target customers through direct mail, why not add email blasts to the mix?  Of course, the opposite applies if you only communicate through digital media. Breaking up the routine shows your customers that they’re important to you and you are committed to connecting to them in new and thoughtful ways.  To streamline your advertisement for optimal impact, utilize an advertising agency, like Money Mailer, that offers both print and digital marketing options.

Alternative marketing approaches can also apply within a single advertising method.  If your email blasts tend to focus primarily on weekly specials, try adding bonus offers that are available only through the email.  Whatever marketing vehicle you choose, don’t forget to change with the seasons and run specials specific to that time of year.  Throughout a calendar year, endless opportunities arise to reach out and thank your customers in new and alternative ways. This will keep readers attentive to your advertisement communication, knowing offers and information regularly change.


Showing a little extra love can go a long way. Take advantage of opportunities to give thanks back to your loyal fans while engaging creatively. 

Celebrate a Holiday – Don’t Forget the Unique Ones!

Send an email commemorating a holiday and thank your customers for their support during the year. It can be even more effective if you send an email focusing on an unusual celebration, like Eat What You Want Day (listen up, donut shops!) or Barbershop Quartet Day.  Customers will appreciate that you are thinking of them in out-of-the-box ways.  Keep a link to fun and wacky holidays handy.  Take the time to excite and delight your base with something unexpected.  Remember to express your gratitude to your customers and thank them with a unique offer that aligns with the holiday you are commemorating.

Wish Happy Birthday

One of the regular offers in your direct mail piece can be a birthday recognition offer.  It’s always somebody’s birthday!  Your customer simply brings in the offer along with their ID for a freebie or deep discount.  What a wonderful way to stay in touch on a personal level, increasing customer satisfaction as you express your appreciation for the customer as an individual.  Don’t forget that your business also has a birthday.  Celebrate your years in business with an extra-special offer for your clients.

Offer a Loyalty Program

Offering a loyalty rewards program increases goodwill, while also increasing the reasons that your customers should keep coming back. Keep it as simple possible, such as a punch card. Be aware that the more value it adds and the more relevant it is to the individual, the more success you’ll find, along with growing appreciation from your customer base. Promote your loyalty program through email blasts, store signs, newsletters, and direct mail.

Donate to a Good Cause

Say ‘thank you’ to an excellent cause by donating a portion of your proceeds. People love doing business with businesses that do good. Small businesses especially benefit from donating to a local charity within their community. This helps your business gain recognition on a more personal and impactful level.  Don’t forget to spread the word about your generosity. Social media, email blasts, and newsletters are terrific options. Another creative twist is to send a direct mail piece with a coupon that includes a commitment to donating a percentage of every sale from that coupon.

Ask for Feedback

Where are you going to get an honest evaluation about your products and services? Your customers, of course!  People always appreciate having a voice. As a bonus, you will receive valuable insights into your changing customers’ needs and desires. Include opportunities to participate in surveys through email blasts, website links, and even direct mail invitations to contact your business directly. Be sure to thank your customers for their much-appreciated feedback and insights.

When you show people you care, and you do it in a way that makes an impact, it allows you to stand out from the crowd and be remembered. As always, the best investment we can make is in relationships, where the true value in life…and business grows and lies.