Spring Clean Your Business in Five Simple Steps

As a small business owner, one thing is certian. You never have enough time! To maximize your limited time, it’s important to build a set of reliable processes to keep business flowing. With spring around the corner, now is a perfect opportunity to take stock of how far you’ve come and to clean house in every aspect of your small business.

Review, refresh, and revise in these five simple steps:

Take on one tiny problem first
The key to actually getting anything done is to build up decent momentum straight out of the gate. Start by picking a tiny problem that you’re absolutely certain is easy to fix to get one task up on the scoreboard as quickly as possible.

Identify a more challenging task to tackle over time
Remember to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Break the task into bite-size pieces and put them on some sort of schedule to make the overall work seem much less daunting. The main benefit here is again—momentum.

Throw an outsider at your process
Want a fresh review of your business for areas of improvement? Get a newcomer with outside eyes to examine your processes.  Simply explaining your approach to common processes out loud is guaranteed to highlight weak points in execution. The external feedback you get will identify refinements you might never have thought of alone.

Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes
Walk through the process of purchasing an item or signing up for a new subscription from your customer’s point of view. You’re sure to find areas of potential friction or uncertainty that could damage sales and cost you money.

Create a spring cleaning schedule
By this stage, you should have made some serious progress in tidying up your general act. The key now is to put the spring cleaning process itself on some sort of schedule. The simple deed of putting next year’s start date on a calendar will help solidify a very healthy habit for your business.