Restaurants Can Stay Strong With Cost-Effective Solo Postcards

To describe the current Covid-19 crisis as “unprecedented times” doesn’t seem to do justice to the severity of the challenges that face our nation’s citizens and businesses. As we all pull together to weather the storm as best as possible, we can take some solace in knowing that we are an exceptional and resilient country with the best and brightest working diligently to get us safely to other side. And on that other side, there will be valuable lessons learned and tremendous growth for us as individuals and a nation.

In the meantime, small businesses and their hard-working employees are focused on survival and making it day-to-day. Restaurants, in particular, have been hit extra hard during the crisis. For many, their entire business model has been turned upside down in order to stay in business. Take-out or delivery, that at one time was a minor fraction of their sales, has now become their lifeline. With overall sales now taking a hit, a natural impulse might be to pull back on advertising. In some situations that may be the prudent choice, but for others, advertising provides a vital means of communication to the public. It offers a chance to let your customers know that you are compliant with all Covid-19 safety regulations and very much open for business.

Direct mail remains a good choice for restaurants.  It is less costly than other options, like television, billboards, and radio.  Plus, as a tangible, physical product, direct mail pieces can be touched and saved, helping to reinforce retention and familiarity. 

Solo postcards offer an ideal advertising platform for restaurants.   On the front, you can highlight your offers and key features, while utilizing the back side for your menu.  It lets you deliver a clear message straight to your best customers.


Let’s focus on five key reasons why it makes sense for restaurants to send postcards today:

  1. Many Americans will receive stimulus money and added unemployment benefits in the coming days that they will use on take-out and delivery.
  2. Consumers are staying home and reading their mail more than ever.  Now’s the time to get in front of them with a postcard.
  3. Consumers are tired of grocery shopping and cooking at home.  Families are ready for a break! Be their first choice when they decide to order.
  4. Many Americans want to support struggling restaurants.  Let them know you are open for business and ready for orders.
  5. Many restaurants have pulled back on advertising. This is an opportunity for you to stand out with limited competition.


As you wrestle with the urge to hold back and hunker down, take some time to evaluate whether a little bit of proactive promotion may lead to a much bigger payoff.

When this terrible crisis has passed – and it will – may we all be in a better place to face the next challenge and work together toward a stronger, more resilient future.