Dick O’Gorman – Owner
Ivy Restaurant

We’ve been using Money Mailer for 15 years. They make it so easy. It costs me maybe $1200 . . . and this last mailing we brought in $8,637. . . For me, that’s a great win.

Gianna Rizza – Manager
Skin Deep Day Spa

We’re so happy with the service [at Money Mailer]. . . We’ve seen an incredible return for all of our promotions every month. I would definitely recommend Money Mailer to any other small business owners in the area.

Brian McNally – Owner
McNally’s Heating & Cooling

With the help of Money Mailer, we’ve grown this business. . . . One thing that’s been constantly working for us in getting leads through the door has been Money Mailer. It’s been working great!

Patrick Utroska – Owner
Old Towne Pub – Wasco

We get new clientele from the Money Mailer. We’re seeing new faces and getting some new repeat customers from the Money Mailer. So, it’s been very fortunate for us to have you guys.

Pat Falcone – Owner
Josef’s Meats & Deli

I tried Money Mailer [ten years ago] and from that point on, we’ve been very successful. . . . They have brought quite a few new customers into my store. Basically, it works and I’m very satisfied with the results!

Gary Bens – Owner
American Painting

I’ve worked Money Mailer for the last 15 years. During our peak season . . .  we may do 50% of our business through leads from the Money Mailer. I recommend anyone to try the Money Mailer.

David Van Cleeve – Owner
Siebert’s Pub

The return on investment has been fantastic. We see easily 35 coupons a week, that’s over 140 a month. Money Mailer has done a great job of keeping the business flowing.

Tim Carroll – Owner
Great American Tire & Auto Repair

I’ve been advertising with Money Mailer for 13 years now and it’s always brought us a steady supply of customers. There’s a big difference in loyalty with the people coming in from the Money Mailer.

Ron Dooley – Owner
Something Fishy Pets

We found that the Money Mailer response was pretty overwhelming. The more we did it, the more we got back. The trackability is what makes Money Mailer key.

Dr. Meena Goel – Owner
Avid Dental

My office has grown and generated a 20-30% increase from Money Mailer advertising. We’ve received hundreds of phone calls which eventually translates into hundreds of new patients.

Nancy Wu – Owner
PSQ Dry Clean

At the beginning we tried all types of advertising – the only one continuing to win our trust is Money Mailer. Sales have increased by 15-30% because of Money Mailer.

Lou Barratta – Owner
Rosati’s Pizza

Money Mailer’s more precise to the towns I want to advertise in. Other advertisements are much more expensive. If Money Mailer were to disappear, my business would drop 20-30%.

John Pipp – Owner
Budget Blinds

I talk about Money Mailer all the time because it definitely brings me great results. It accounts for about 30% of my leads.

Nancy Northrip – Owner
Ultimate Gymnastics

We can get up to 35 new customers per mailing. It reaches every interest group. Money Mailer outpaces even social media, by far.

Richard Varga – Owner
Value Floors Kitchens & Baths

I’ve tried a lot of other mailers which didn’t work, but every time I run a Money Mailer ad, which is every month, I get people coming in with coupons.

Josie Taylor – Owner
Zanna Dunes Fashion

I’ve had some very good feedback from our customers. I had men come into the store so I knew I was getting a different subject.

Jonathon Reckles – Director of Marketing
CD One Price Cleaners

For the first 3 drops, Money Mailer has driven 4,521 redemptions, of which 1,135 were new customers.

Dick O’Gorman – Owner
Ivy Restaurant

This year we have gotten in 182 coupons – over $18,986, or an average of $104 per ticket…it works!


 Winnie Finger – Account Executive
Jet Advertising

We felt the Money Mailer coupon did well and we will recommend Aspen Valley to advertise with you again next spring.

Cassie Paruolo – Co-Owner
Air Dynamics Heating & Cooling

Knowledgeable and great to work with! They have been extremely helpful with our business advertising!

North Shore Dental

Dr. Chris Baboulas – Owner
North Shore Center of Dental Health

We are so happy with our advertising with Money Mailer. . . . Our rep is fantastic to work with and makes the process seamless for us.  [We] highly recommend Money Mailer.

Paul Notter – Owner
St. Charles Closets

Within two days after Money Mailer hit the mail boxes, we received our first project worth over $6000 and several days later . . . a couple of others. We have been more than pleased